Sodablast is a versatile technology that spans many interest and industry sectors. Have a look at the list below and choose an area of interest.
  Car Restoration
  Public Works
  Graffiti Removal
  Fire and Flood
  Food Industry
  Removes layers of old paint in 1/10th of the time of traditional methods
  Removes bilge oil film, old paint and exposes blisters
  Does not penetrate the protective gel coat
  Ensures hull retains ‘no drag’ due to multiple layers of paint being removed
  Environmentally kind using little or no water
  Is the perfect preparation prior to rendering old walls
  Is pretty much the only way to remove paint and dirt from sandstone. See pictures for examples
  Will remove paint, oil, grease, graffiti and other contaminants from most surfaces
  Is water soluble and kind to the environment
  Is mobile and can access hard to reach places
  Requires virtually no preparation or clean up
When preparing walls for painting or rendering Sodablast is the ideal solution. It quickly removes all paint and contaminates from the mortar and in the grain of the bricks, leaving the surface looking brand new. Preparation is minimal and there is virtually no clean up besides a quick rinse.
Car Restoration
Sodablast Qualities for the Car Restorer:
  Strip or prepare painted surfaces without affecting substrate
  Minimal masking – no damage to glass or rubber
  Blast metal surfaces - No Warping
  Degrease parts - No Solvents
  Removes carbon deposits - No Pitting
  Clean or de-paint soft & hard metals - No Abrasive Entrapment
  Re-work aluminum precision parts
  Composite parts - No Sanding
  Re-work engine components, heads, alternators, starters, water pumps etc
  Re-work aluminium wheels and covers
Public Works
  Removes graffiti quickly and efficiently
  Removes rust, staining, paint, exhaust fumes pollution and more from most surfaces
  Does NOT cause damage to the original surface
  Restores sandstone & marble monuments effortlessly
  Water soluble and kind to the environment
  Generally uses no water during the blast process. See FAQs for more details
  Cost effective with minimal or no preparation or clean up required
Graffiti Removal
  Removes graffiti quickly and efficiently
  No water or chemicals required
  Prevents reoccurrence when removed quickly
  Can be used on concrete, brick, metal, glass, aluminium, PVC, wood & more
  Is water soluble and has NO impact on the environment
  Is cost effective and requires little or no preparation time or clean up
Fire and Flood
  The last thing you want in a mould cleanup is water, hence Sodablast is perfect!
  Perfect for internal clean up as no water is used
  Soda is a natural deodoriser that helps eliminate odours
  Can reach hard to access places easily
  Is quick and removes contaminants completely
  Will not damage metal, glass, timber, PVC or other relatively hard surfaces
  Is cost effective due to the speed of clean-up
  Strips paint around welding for crack test inspection without changing surface
  Removes dirt, oil, grease, process residue and paint
  Will not harm bearings, packing’s, seals, gaskets, metals, galvanise or glass
  Will not cause sparks when striking any surface
  Requires minimal preparation, containment and clean up
  Is fast, efficient and cost saving
  Will access hard to reach places and is mobile
Food Industry
  In depth cleaning using baking soda that is soluble in water
  Significantly reduces production down time
  Easily reaches ‘hard to access places’
  Will not harm machinery or surfaces
  Removes oil, grease and food remnants